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The IBM 5100 combines two legacy “line printer” systems into a more compact “CRT-based” system, with a compact digital data-storage tape unit.

The IBM 5100 “Executable ROS” is written in PALM instructions and interprets the code used by these legacy systems, which was a concept inherited from the IBM System/360 (see here). None of the public IBM manuals use the term PALM, but that term is used in an internal IBM technical publication (GENASM 1977). Shown below is a description from the Maintenance Information Manual (which uses the term “internal machine microcode”):

IBM engineers resolved the external power supply size issue that was in the SCAMP prototype and designed an elaborate internal clam-folding design to support all the cards of the system within a small case. In addition, IBM incorporated an improved “solid state storage” used for ROS/ROM storage of microcode. This was an evolved version of the prior SLT (solid logic technology) from a few years earlier and was key to how the IBM 5100 was made into a truly portable and “instant-on-and-ready” system (with over 128KB of built-in ROS/ROM software).

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