voidstar adventures

voidstar (void*)

A C programming term that means a pointer to anything.


  • 2002: Hot Import Nights (Dallas)
  • 2006: Italy, Greece, Turkey
  • 2008: Hawaii
  • 2009: Cozumel / Del Rio
  • 2014: Las Vegas
  • 2015: Itchnutukee, Lettuce Park
  • 2015: Fort Griffin
  • 2016: Palo Duro
  • Chicago
  • Fort Griffin
  • FW Stockyards
  • 2019: New York
  • 2021: Getty (Los Angeles)
  • 2021: San Francisco
  • 2021: CHM VCF 2021
  • 2023: VCF 2023 (at InfoAge Science and History Center, New Jersey)


  • Galaxies
  • Nebula

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2 thoughts on “voidstar adventures

    1. Look forward to it! Note that David Gesswein (PDP-8 ASCII art) hasn’t yet posted his ASCII arts yet (got a message from him yesterday, he’s at another conference this weekend and wont get to posting until next week). And if mention Wizard and the Princess stuff, be sure to tag/note about Marcus Mera (and we’d be interested to find anyone who still had a working VersaWriter and software for the Apple2, I think that’d really complete his collection!).

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