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Vintage Computer Fest at InfoAge Science Center in New Jersey, which took place from April 14-16, 2023.

I visited Manhattan (NYC) in 2019 but this was my first visit to New Jersey (and therefore my first time attending VCF East). Typically, I like to plan things ahead, but this time I took a more “no spoilers” approach – I hadn’t even booked a hotel or studied much on the area I was going to. This intentionally makes things a bit more of a surprise-adventure. This “live by your wits” approach probably only works when traveling solo.

This is the main sign to the museum, which is altogether very humble. The sign was past due for some power spray cleaning. But don’t be discouraged, the museum is quite excellent!

NOTE: Despite staying on the 5th floor of a hotel, I could still hear these kind of geese-birds (Canadian Honkers?) at night (not a complaint, just something funny that I remember). I ended up staying at Homewood Suites by Hilton Eatontown (4 Industrial Way E). It was a little expensive but centrally located. The hotel was also having a wedding party that same weekend, but the staff helped make arrangements so that I could have the same room for both nights.

I flew in via EWR (Newark Liberty Interational), a decent three-terminal airport. The weather turned out fair when I arrived Friday evening. Saturday morning weather was still decent for VCF, but from about 3pm on to the rest of the weekend, it became completely overcast and a bit chilly (50’s degF) outside (a few drops of moisture but not really quite raining). April is the very start of Spring, so no ice or snow at this time.

Me being from Fort Worth, I thought this huge red “R” at the airport was for Radio Shack! Turns out that, nope, not in New Jersey. It’s for Rutgers University. Click image to go to the Introduction.

Table of Contents to my VCF East 2023 scrapbook notes:
(where there are multiple tiled gallery of images, click on the images for a larger view)

PART 1: Introduction
PART 2: A Walk Along Belmar Pier
PART 3: VCF East 2023 – Consignment
PART 4: VCF East 2023 – Exhibits
PART 5: InfoAge Science and History Museum Computers
PART 6: InfoAge Science and History Museum other exhibits

NOTE: In the PART 1-6 links above (or in this page), these are all my own images that I took. No permission is needed for sharing or re-use, consider it Creative Commons stuff.

Many Thanks to the organizers and volunteers for this event. While Saturday did get a bit crowded, these are great public outreach activities!

Domesticating the Computer (review of 1970 – 1984 computers) video, see here:
Domesticating the computer: how the appliance computers came to be (Mandie Edition) – YouTube

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  1. Thanks so much for attending the show and making this blog. It gives a nice summary of the event and some places in the area.
    Jeff Brace
    VCF East showrunner.

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