VCF EAST 2023 – PART 1

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A main landmark that the museum has is this top-piece of one of the original Marconi towers (shown below). Recall, an Italian named Guglielmo Marconi pioneered the technology of wireless communication (which includes radio). This was especially important to sea navigation, to call for help or to alert other vessels of hazards. So this entire complex and museum is effectively a shrine to pay respect to Marconi’s pioneering work.

Once past this tower, then up a short hill and then into a somewhat small parking lot. I later heard a summary that VCF East 2023 ended up having about 500 visitors, when a “normal” event was at most about 200 visitors. This certainly caused some stresses for everyone: shoulder to shoulder crowd in exhibit hall, lines crossing a street and briefly blocking the patrolling fire truck, but the volunteer staff was mostly able to keep everything going.

The images below are on the first day, which I had arrived nearly at 5pm as things were winding down. For those who haven’t been here before, here is what the entrance looks like.

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I overheard one of the staff mentioning how these brick buildings are over 100 years old. Lots of history in these walls.

Anyone familiar with these types of trees? I just wondered if they were over 100 years old as well.

As mentioned, I had arrived just as the last talk of the day was finishing. But it was exciting to walk in and immediately recognize some of the folks in the area. Here is the YouTuber Fran Blanche (FranLab, see here) packing up after the roundtable discussion she was part of (which I suspect will be available on a stream in the next week). It was a really good feeling since it confirmed that I was indeed in the right place! I was slightly concerned all the talks were this casual – but no, just the end of day roundtables. The individual speakers had the usual podium setup.

GOTO PART 2 (A walk along nearby Belmar Pier)
SKIP TO PART 3 (VCF East 2023 Consignment)

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