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Antique, vintage, or just old!?

Hardware just 2-5 years old can already be “outdated” or “obsolete” in some context. While the equipment may be “past its prime” in terms of being energy efficient or being able to run useful software, we should keep in mind that we’re experiencing first hand a tremendous change in our day to day lives. The advent of the personal computer is akin to the introduction of writing and books centuries ago, or similar to how the printing press changed how quickly we communicated ideas. We are first-hand witnesses to that progress: from screaming dot matrix printers, to HD multimedia and high speed data indexing and retrieval systems. Vintage Computing is about remembering and respecting the ingenuity if how electronics and Boolean logic merged and led to the Information Age.

The links below are to additional details about various Vintage Computer Systems that I’ve collected and kept operational:

  • SCAMP [1973]
  • IBM 5100 [1975]
  • POLY-88 [1976] TBD
  • IBM 5110 [1978]
  • Commodore PET [1980, model 4016]
  • IBM 5120 (5110-3) [1980]
  • Tandy Color Computer 1 [1980]
  • IBM PC 5150 [1981]
  • Commodore 64 [1982]
  • Sharp PC-5000 HERE [1983]
  • Tandy Model 102 [1986]
  • Tandy Color Computer 3 [1986]
  • Apple ][e [1987]
  • Atari Lynx [1990]
  • Commander X16 HERE [2023]

YouTube Presentations: I’ve compiled a few YT presentations on some aspects of these systems.

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