Tandy Radio Shack Computer Cassette Recorder (TRS CCR)

This page is dedicated as a repository of information related to the Tandy Computer Cassette Recorder (CCR) devices. These CCRs could also be used on many non-Tandy systems (e.g. various Apple and IBM systems), or used as standalone audio recorders (such as nature sounds, voice dictation, interviews). But these CCR’s also included specific features to ensure they were suitable for digital data storage with Tandy systems (aspects like the tape index counter, ALC circuit logic, REMote control support, and automatic shut-off).


PART 1: Introduction

PART 2: Comparison of the types of Tandy cassette deck models

PART 3: Types of PCs that used tapes to store data via a 5-pin DIN connector interface

PART 4: Belt Repair Notes (with photos of internals)

PART 5: Example Usage of Cassette (and Smartphone)

PART 6: Other tidbits, specifications, references


  • All Tandy CCR models can work with an AC-DC adapter that is 6V, 2.1mm tip, “center negative” polarity
  • Radio Shack standard DC adapter part number is 273-1454

DestinyHunter (32KB game developed in 2021 that can be loaded from tape)

IBM 5110

IBM PC 5150

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Thanks for viewing! Please leave any comment related to the Tandy CCR (such as good alternative devices, which models you used, what systems you used them with, what types of data or programs you stored on tape, or any tidbit of CCR knowledge not covered here).

3 thoughts on “Tandy Radio Shack Computer Cassette Recorder (TRS CCR)

  1. Hi Steve, please my I reproduce your article in December 2021 edition of TRS8BIT? (with full accreditation to both you and your site). Thanks – Dusty Miller

    1. Yes, both in full or partial as needed. It is still a work in progress, so there will be some on-going incremental additions. I recently ordered a good conditioned CoCo1, which I hope to verify that my repaired CCR-82’s work with that (and I also plan to experiment with using a smartphone with the CoCo1 — it works fine on my IBM 5150, so I hope it will also work with the Coco).

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