Tandy Radio Shack Computer Cassette Recorder (TRS CCR) PC Types


GOTO PART 4 (Tandy CCR Repairs)

PART 3: Types of PCs that used tapes to store programs/data via a 5-pin DIN connector interface.

This section is to describe the set of computers that would likely be paired with the Tandy CTR/CCR series, since Tandy included the “special” cable that would be necessary to do so. Ultimately this cable is just a particular means of transferring signals, so savvy DIY users could go directly to the circuits and make their own cable. But having a standard cable convention makes setup easier and more efficient for most end-users.

Keep in mind the CCR are also viable audio recorders on their own, and can function as such without this special 5-pin DIN cable.

For reference, here is what the 5-pin DIN connector looks like.

Product NameDateDescription/Notes
TRS-80 Model 1 August 1977Cassette deck model CTR-41 was deemed unreliable, replaced by CTR-80A model [early TRS-80 Model 1 issue]
TRS-80 Model 3July 1980Model 2 also released in this same year for Business which had built in disk drives. The Model 3 had a cassette port on the back near the power plug.
Tandy Color Computer 119804KB-32KB RAM
IBM PC 5150198132KB-640KB (upper 384KB addresses system reserved). IBM PCjr (1984) used a different cassette interface. Ironically, the Tandy PC-clone (1000-series) dropped support for the cassette entirely.
Dragon 321982Clone of the Color Computer
Tandy Model 100 1983Portable, could run off batteries
Tandy Model 41983Fully Model 3 backwards compatible.
Tandy Color Computer 21983max 64KB (Dragon 64 also released in this year)
MC-101983Similar to Matra Alice, but Alice has different tape connector
Advance 861984UK-based PC-clone
Tandy Model 2001984
Tandy Color Computer 31986128KB, max 512KB
Tandy Model 1021986Update to the Model 100

As an “out of the box” and “ready to go” package, the CTR/CCR were convenient accessory available at the same stores the above computers were sold at.

If you have more information about variants of these CCRs or what systems support the 5-pin DIN connector, please comment below!

GOTO PART 4 (Tandy CCR Repairs)

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