IBM 5110 External Screen Support


A modern BNC to VGA converter still works for the 5110. BNC connectors are still used in a lot of security cameras. BNC has little “twist-end” connectors, like old 10Base-2 network cabling (but not the same as more modern threaded coaxial cable, like you might find on a cable modem or cable TV).

Just connect the two ends of the BNC cable (from the BNC connector at the back of the 5110 and to the BNC/VGA adapter), then connect a VGA cable to the adapter and a standard VGA monitor…

That’s it! No additional settings in the PC or the adapter need to be adjusted or configured. When you power on the 5110, the screen content is automatically mirrored onto the external display:

The “show registers” button works, the L/R 32 switch also echoes to the VGA screen, but the REVERSE does not (applies only to the 5″ built in screen).

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